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Playing games and listening to music is fun!

Yet it does make me want to do music, but I am already fine with that.
Since I mostly enjoy listening other creations instead of not listening to good music while doing my own music. :P

As for the games, well I like to play them and to show a sign that I am quite a gamer, I harvested quite a lot of medals! :o



2009-03-31 15:52:36 by Badspreekill

First thing of all,

I am going pretty mad on my work,
in which i will specify that i can't find anything good for my new

So thats the reason its delayed, and i must take a break
if i dont want to get too mad about it =P

Then again, i might come with something soon,
I hope... >_<

Some criteria:

-Must be accentuated, so that we can recognize the origins of the song
-Must be enjoyable for a large proportion of peoples!
-It should have something...special

Most of all:

-It gotta be fun!

Still more to do!

2009-02-22 10:47:05 by Badspreekill

I haven't posted some new work recently,
but it takes time to get a good result.

Some work i am working on:

-Parisian Motion (20%)
-The Nightclub *Full* (10%)
-Fail Guitar and Synth Experiment *Full* ( 5%)

The three of them are NOT finished =P
Considering the quality and time i must put on them.

I hope the results will be sucessful!

And more projects to come!

2009-02-07 19:26:03 by Badspreekill

A little time since i posted a thing, huh?

Only posted,

Techno .:Break-In:. , Echoes of the night (Unfinished) and Fail guitar+synth experiment !?!

No fear,

I will be posting a little Synthetised Parisian themed song!
The full version of Echoes of the night (this time, you won't hear only the echoe)
The full version of Fail guitar+synth Experiment

And the (maybe) Final remix of Break-Up.
Which will be named as Technoforce: Break-On (wow i really love using word «Break» for the remixes)

And some more i might add!

Oh, and my «teacher» Gravey added a new one called:
Dancing Banjo Duet

You should check that one out!

In other news..
I finally completed Sonny 1 at the fullest!

The 2nd one has no extra-hard zone,
but i am pretty proud of myself.

The last boss who's the main character on another game i controled o_O.
It was by the same author.

Have a look !

And more projects to come!

Hello there!

The newbie audio artist here!

I've decided to take my time and think about, «How am i going to do a good remix of my original creation?»

I am already gone out with 2 Remixes!
So it is best to do some reflexions.

A list of things to change or add :

-Add a little more volume to the kick from the 2nd remix

-Rearrange the Bass-line so it can arrange the rest of the tune by making it fit!

-Make more diverse sounds! So it will be different from a verse to another.

Wish me luck =P
Especially for the newbie i am!

Ummmh... If you are watching...

2009-01-22 18:53:22 by Badspreekill

Yep, i am new to Ng,

I am here to make some music and share it to the others,
always used Fl studios 8 to make my music.

For now i made 7 music's,

4 of posted for now.
Will be working on a second remix of : Break-up and Break-through

I am a newbie, so i will be much more better in another lap of time.

But whats fun with me, is that i make lots of remixes of my own original music,
I will make tons of them furthermore, at least i got a buddy there to help me improve my remixes.

Credits to : Gravey1 !


Stay tune for more!